Emergency Plumbing Southern Highlands


Reliable Emergency Plumbing

When you need an emergency plumber, there’s no one better than our team at Pioneer Plumbing. We’re available day or night, anytime. Our 24/7 emergency plumbing services will have your plumbing flowing properly again.

We know how frustrating plumbing emergencies can be and how much damage they can cause. That’s why we provide fast, expert plumbing services in cases of emergency. Whether it’s a burst drain, overflowing toilet or a gas leak, we can help.

Before we arrive, we’ll also help you minimise any potential damage by guiding you through some steps until our expert plumbers reach your home.

In any plumbing, drainage or gas fitting emergency call us on 0474 066 133 and we'll be there to help save the day.

In what circumstances should I call an emergency plumber?

Pipe valve - Emergency Plumber Southern Highlands, NSW

Water Leaks

Damage from burst pipes can quickly cause significant damage to carpets and floors. Your first job is to switch off the water at the mains or turn off your pumps to the water tank. They are usually found near the water metre. Then call us on 0474 066 133.
Plumber fixing gas leaks - emergency plumbing Southern Highlands, NSW

Gas Leaks

The smell of gas is an emergency! If you detect the smell of gas inside your home, you need to call a certified gasfitter immediately. At Pioneering Plumbing our licensed gasfitter will help you detect the source of the leak and undertake any necessary repairs.
Hot Water Tap - Emergency plumber Southern Highlands, NSW

Hot Water Systems

If your business relies on hot water for hygiene purposes or it's during winter, no hot water constitutes an emergency. There are a number of reasons you may find yourself without a steady supply of hot water. If you haven't run out of gas and there's still electricity, this is a job for an experienced plumber.
Leaking PVC Pipe - Emergency plumber Southern Highlands, NSW

Blocked Drains

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine where a leak is coming from. We have specialist equipment to measure moisture levels in floors and walls. Don't underestimate the damage water leaks can cause. It might start out as the odd drop but overtime it can rot timber and cause structural damage to your home. At Pioneering Plumbing we specialise in removing drain blockages.