If you’ve noticed water pooling up in the backyard or your sinks aren’t draining properly, you might have a blocked drain. Pioneering Plumbing has a selection of equipment designed to clear drains of all shapes and sizes, including sewer and stormwater drains.

The first step is to locate the blockage, using CCTV cameras and drain locators, we’ll locate drains and locate any blockages from dirt, grime, hair or leaves.

We can also use our drain locators to find pipes that have been broken by tree roots or earth movement, making it easy for us to get in and repair them.
Gas Fitting - New home fitouts Southern Highlands in Southern Highlands in Robertson, NSW


Need a utility located before you start a renovation? Than call Pioneering Plumbing. We have a host of specialised equipment that makes locating water and gas pipes a breeze.

Of course, our equipment is applicable to more than just renovations as we can use thermal imagery of pipes to find locate any leaks as well as hidden pipes.

We also have a gas leak detector that allows us to quickly and efficiently find any hidden gas leaks that could be potentially dangerous.