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Pipe leaking gas - Gasfitter Southern Highlands, NSW

Licensed Gas Fitters

All gas fitting and gas appliances including hot water systems, cooktops, heaters and barbecues must be installed by a licensed gas fitter.

At Pioneering Plumbing we can provide installation and maintenance for all your gas fitting appliances.

Our team is certified to carry out the following gas fitting tasks.

  • Gas Leak detection
  • Burst Gas pipe repairs
  • Gas barbecue installation & repairs
  • Gas hot water systems installation & repairs
  • Gas Heaters, boilers installation & repairs
  • LPG & Natural conversions
  • New appliance installation

Gas Leak detection

If you detect the smell of gas inside your house, call us immediately on 0474 066 133. Our licensed gasfitters provide a 24/7 emergency service.

What causes gas leaks?

Defective or damaged appliances and corroded pipes can be attributed to gas leaks. This is why it’s important you have your appliances checked yearly by a licensed gas fitter.

If you smell gas inside your home or office, the Australian Gas Network advise you to:

  • Immediately turn off all appliances & pilot lights
  • Turn off your gas supply at the meter or gas bottle
  • Open all doors and windows for ventilation
  • Contact a certified or licensed gas fitter, like Pioneering Plumbing

Why Hire A Gas Fitter?

Many people hire gas fitters to fix household or business gas systems in emergency situations. These emergencies can include gas leaks, hot water system breakdowns and other gas appliance failures. But gas fitters are also hired to install and maintain a wide variety of gas related systems. This includes installing gas piping, appliances like stoves, and hot water systems.

Importantly, it is a legal requirement that any gas installation or maintenance work is performed by a licenced gas fitter. At Pioneering Plumbing, our fully licenced gas fitters can take care of all your gas needs safely.